Clinical Skills & Simulation

The Clinical Skills Center

The Clinical Skills Center (CSC), located in the ADMC, building #9, is a 10, 000 sq. ft. facility featuring a reception area, 12 standardized patient rooms, an actor changing room/lounge, conference and training rooms, and administrative offices. Each room is equipped with AV capabilities.

The Clinical Skills Center serves as an extension of NJMS, providing a safe environment for the training, assessment and evaluation of clinical skills, such as procedural skills, teamwork and communication. For decades, the focus of the Clinical Skills Center has been the objective evaluation of clinical proficiency using highly trained standardized patients, and it has successfully administered the Objective Structure Clinical Encounter (OSCE) to thousands of students. The OSCE provides students the opportunity to properly assess their clinical skills, receive feedback from faculty, and if needed, remediation prior to graduation.

More recently, the CSC has incorporated new, and advanced simulation-based training. At NJMS, we recognize simulation as an appropriate & innovative supplement to the current medical student and residency instructional model, and have made a commitment to increase its applications by further incorporating this modality, along with adult learning teaching principles into the institution's overall health profession's education.

The addition of mannequin-based simulation to standardized patient-based training, serves as Phase I of II toward the development of a collaborative simulation facility. At the CSC, two of the standardized patient rooms are being assigned and re-designed to mirror high acuity hospital-based patient rooms (adult & pediatrics), inclusive of hospital beds, cardiac monitors, and other resuscitation equipment. The conference rooms and other areas also include part-task training and debriefing activities.

The expansion of simulation-based training to medical students, residents and faculty, affords more opportunities to participate in inter-professional education (IPE). Inter professional team training will be supported by programs coordinated with the School of Nursing and School of Health Professions. The simulation activities will be learner-centered and objective focused.

The CSC at NJMS supports the school's educational mission to "provide the highest quality medical education, research, patient services and community outreach," through the development, implementation, assessment/evaluation and research of simulation programs, offered to a diverse group of participants at multiple levels of training. The immersion of learners in realistic simulations of routine and complex clinical encounters, deliberate practice of clinical procedures, inter professional team training, and patient-centeredness further supports NJMS' "commitment to constant innovation, progress, community outreach and patient education."

The goal of NJMS is to develop a truly comprehensive and coordinated simulation center (Phase II) that helps maintain, and enhance healthcare education, quality care and patient safety.
For more information please contact:

Dr. Maria C. Laboy
Administrative Director

30 Bergen St
ADMC Building 9 Room 901
Newark, NJ 07101
Phone: (973) 972-1975