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Set up Course Announcements in Batch

Canvas Announcements are a great way to communicate with students, define expectations, and let students students know the plan for the week ahead.

Sending a weekly announcement builds connection with students and make sure everyone remains focused and on task.

However, faculty don't often have time to craft and send out a new announcement every week. Did you know Canvas let's you build out a list of announcements in advance and delay their posting until you are ready?

Also Announcements can be reused - If you copy over older course materials into your new course site.  All of your old Announcements still exist.  All you have to do is update the posting dates.

See this tutorial on how to delay the posting of the announcement, so student communications are automated to go out on schedule.



Have you ever had a student contact you and tell you that course material was unavailable when you know it was posted?
And after reviewing your Canvas course site discovered the link to the material was broken and no longer working?

In this quick tip video, discover how to use the Canvas Course Validator to check for broken links throughout out your course site.

Did you find this tip helpful.  Want to learn more?

Rick Salisbury, Director of Educational Technology Strategy, continues to hold weekly workshops on podcast development, WebEx use, Canvas and more. You can schedule workshops as well as individual consultations using the following link.



Create Automatic Captions in Zoom.

Zoom video calls now allow meeting hosts to turn on an automatic transcription that will turn spoken words into real-time captions.  

Learn How


Using Power Point Presenter View in Zoom

Do you use slide notes when lecturing in the classroom? Have you been frustrated presenting and lecturing when using Zoom because your slide notes are either inaccessible or shared with everyone.

In this quick tip video, discover how to still use presenter view (notes mode) in power point and keep your notes hidden from remote participants.

Video link: