Faculty and Staff

Christin Traba, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Education

Sophia Chen, DO, MPH, Assistant Dean for Pre-clerkship Education

Aleksey Tentler, MD, Director of Medical Informatics

Maria Laboy, MD, Administrative Director, Clinical Skills Center

Lissette Cespedes, MD, Patient Centered Medicine Course, Year 1

Robyn Kampf, MD, Patient Centered Medicine Course, Year 2

Mariana De Lorenzo, PhD, Curriculum Task Force Faculty Liaison

Emmanuelle Ruocco MD, OSCE Remediation Specialist

Denise L. Epps, MPA, Program Administrator

Janelle Bruzual, Year 2 Coordinator

Keisha Ferguson, Community Preceptorship Coordinator

Christopher Houston, MAS, Year 1 Coordinator

Conrad Johnson, MPA, Year 3 Coordinator

Jessica Perez, MS, Educational Evaluation Specialist

Deyse Ribau, Years 3 & 4 Coordinator