Registrar: Third-Year Registration

Lottery Number

All members of the rising third-year class choose a lottery number in the spring of their second year. This number is used to process third and fourth-year registration material in the Office of the Registrar; numbers remain assigned to individuals throughout both years.

Students may process a one-time switch of a lottery number with another member of their class during dates announced by the Registrar. Both students must come to the Office of the Registrar together and complete a Lottery Number Exchange Form. Late requests will not be accepted.

Third-Year Coursework

The third-year curriculum consists of 49 weeks of coursework.  Students are required to take a total of seven clerkships and three two-week electives. These clerkships illustrated on the Third Year Curriculum Sequences Grid.

Third-Year Registration

All third-year students are required to take the same set of third-year clinical clerkships and three two-week electives. The courses are offered in 12 different registration sequences, depicted on the Third-Year Curriculum Sequences Grid.

Registration occurs as follows:

1.   All students choose a sequence on the 3rd Year Sequence Selection form, due in February. Track assignments are posted on the Education Management System website.

2.   Students will register for their post-Medicine and post-Ob/Gyn electives via email correspondence from the registrar.

3.   Students will register for the shared elective in September.