Outside Elective Information for Students

Many NJMS students choose to take their elective courses at other medical institutions, or at a hospital located in another country, during their fourth year. Since each school has its own procedure and may require completion of a visiting student or non-degree student application, it is advantageous to contact potential host institutions as early as possible to determine requirements and obtain required forms. A student will not be approved to do an externship if he/she has any unresolved unsatisfactory grades in NJMS courses. The NJMS Registrar’s Office must be notified of a student’s acceptance into an externship no later than four weeks prior to the externship start date.

To register for an externship:

  1. Contact the other medical school/host institution for its visiting student application. Many schools have rotation dates that do not match the NJMS calendar. Please take this into consideration when planning your schedule. You can search host institutions through their own websites or VSAS, the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service.     For more information, please click this link: VSAS Information.
  2. Fill out the application and obtain any necessary supporting documents, i.e. transcript, processing fees, certification of health insurance coverage, etc. Do not send in the application at this time; hold materials until you complete steps 3 and 4.
  3. Obtain an Approval of a Third or Fourth-Year Externship form via the link below. Fill out the top portion of this form and take it to the chair of the corresponding NJMS department.
  4. Obtain pre-approval and a signature from the chair of the corresponding NJMS department (Step B. on the form). Bring the signed copy of the form to the Registrar's Office with a signed Waiver and Release Agreement required for use prior to participation in a university-approved educational activity. Within three business days, a Registrar office staff member will make a copy of the forms for your file. The Registrar's Office will then review your academic record and give final approval of the externship (Step C. on the form). Two letters will be generated for you: a letter of externship approval and a letter of malpractice liability coverage.    If you are using VSAS, your externship will be verified electronically by the Registrar's Office.
  5. Send the application, all supporting documentation, including the Request for Approval of a Third or Fourth-Year Externship form, to the host institution or apply through VSAS.
  6. Upon notification of acceptance by the host institution, you must notify the NJMS Registrar. Typically this information is detailed in your acceptance letter. If you do not receive a formal acceptance letter, you must obtain written confirmation of acceptance on the Request for Approval of a Third or Fourth-Year Externship Form or via email from the host institution. Notification of acceptance and your intent to enroll must be given to the Registrar's Office no later than four weeks prior to the externship start date. You must provide this notification even if you are "accepted" on VSAS.  Upon receipt of this information you will become officially registered for the externship. Please note: While enrolled at the host institution you will be expected to abide by all of their rules and policies.
  7. You are requested to take an evaluation form: Summary of Evaluation of Student Performance in Clinical Courses to the externship sponsor. Request the evaluation form be returned to the NJMS Registrar's Office within two weeks following completion of the elective. It is your responsibility to see that an evaluation gets sent to the NJMS Registrar. You will not get credit for the course until we receive this evaluation. The evaluation will be available for you to review once received in the Registrar's Office.

If you seek an international externship, several procedures, in addition to the processes described above, are required.  Please contact the Registrar's Office to further inquire.   Thank you.

Form-Request for Approval

Externship Waiver