9th Annual Research Day 2011


9th Annual

Department of Medicine

Research Day





Oral Presentations

Simi Kapoor MD

“Altered responses to TLR agonists in severe pediatric asthma compared to those with moderate persistent disease.”

Amina Goodwin-Fernandez MD

“The prevalence of antiretroviral drug resistance mutations in antiretroviral naïve HIV-1 infected persons in Newark, NJ”

Sreelatha Naik MD

“Promoting Empathy and Understanding of Poverty Among Medical Students and Residents Through a Poverty Simulation”

Vir Singh AB

“Pulmonary Function Testing in an Urban Cohort”

Wojciech Rudzinski MD PhD

“Gender predilection of elevated pulmonary artery pressure in patients with liver cirrhosis”



Poster Session

  • Efficacy of Intranasal Corticosteroids (INCS) for the Ocular Symptoms (OS) of Allergic Rhinitis (AR): A Systematic Review
    Jison Hong, MD; Brett Bielory, MD; Loren Rosenberg, MD; Leonard Bielory, MD
  • Efficacy and Tolerability of Levocetirizine in Improving Symptoms and Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis: A Meta-Analysis
    Reena Khianey MD, Mark E. Weinstein, MD
  • Drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (DIHS) with Tracheitis
    Reena Khianey MD, Eugenio Capitle MD, Alan H. Wolff, MD
  • An Atypical Presentation of Acquired Angioedema and Lupus
    Reena Khianey MD, Eugenio Capitle MD, Alan H. Wolff, MD
  • Brucella Osteomyelitis from Unpasteurized Milk?
    Amandeep Kaur, M.D, Tom Chiang, M.D.
  • Prevalence of Osteoporosis and Fracture Risk in an Urban Population of HIV-Infected Patients compared with non-HIV infected patients
    Amandeep Kaur, Martha Sanchez, Vir Singh, Onadia Ortega, Iris Herrera, Shobha Swaminathan, Sally Hodder
  • A Hairy Situation: An Unusual Case of Lipoid Pneumonia in a 33 year-old woman with Chest Pain, Dyspnea, and Palpitations
    Matthew J Michaels DO, Shaun M Altneu DO, Michael A Jaker MD
  • Successful Outcome of Disseminated Fusariosis Treated with Amphotericin B Lipid Complex and Voriconazole in a Patient with Acute Leukemia
    Jay Capunitan, MD, Rani Sebti, MD, Lisa Dever, MD
  • Macroprolactinoma presenting with 3rd and 4th cranial nerve palsy, sepsis and panhypopituitarism
    Lisa Patel MD, Dimitrius Giannakidis MD,  Michael Jaker MD, Mary Ann Haggerty MD
  • Pericardial Effusion and Lujpus Nephritis in New Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
    Shimon Harary MD, Sandhya Dhruvakumar MD
  • Fatal Acute Fulminant Hepatitis B Infection in a Patient with Both HBS Antigen and Antibody on Natalizumab
    Nitin Patel, MD, Lisa L. Dever, MD
  • Dynamic pulmonary hypertension, exertional dyspnea, and stress echocardiography.
    Eyad Alhaj MD, Robert Berkowitz MD, Santosh Varkey MD, Marc Klapholz MD
  • Zolendronic Acid Does Not Prevent Hungry Bone Syndrome
    Jennifer Zaitz DO; David Bleich, MD; Norman Ertel, MD; Marvin Kirschner, MD; Maya Raghuwanshi, MD
  • A  Rare Case of Disseminated Histoplasmosis in a Patient with Orthotopic liver Transplant
    Zonaira Gul, MD, Lisa L. Dever, MD, Rajendra Kapila,MD
  • Five-Year Follow up of HIV Patients Treated with Stavudine
    Zonaira Gul, MD, Sandra Paez, PA, and RHK Eng, MD
  • Disseminated Nocardia Infection in a Patient with Advanced HIV Infection Treated with Linezolid
    Zonaira Gul, MD, Patricia Kloser, MD, Lisa L. Dever, MD
  • Disseminated Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare Complex Infection with Intraocular Involvement and CMV Retinitis in a Patient with HIV/AIDS
    Zonaira Gul, MD, Lisa L. Dever, MD, Linus Riauba, MD, Rajendra Kapila,MD
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Due To Kaposi’s Sarcoma
    Dr. Moharita A., Dr. Schade M., Dr. Mainardi T. and Dr. Peyton A.
  • Lemierre’s Syndrome: Forgotten but not Extinct
    Anabella Moharita MD, Rajarshi Parai MD, Daniel D’Alessandro MD, Ilan Alhadeff MD
  • A Lost and Found Metallic Fragment: Endobronchial Foreign Bodies
    Dr. Moharita A., Dr. Dolojan J., Dr. Kim J.
  • Normotensive Cardiac Tamponade Secondary to hemorrhagic (Echo Smoke) Effusion
    Hayder Hashim MD , Ralph Oriscello MD, Steve Tsai MD, Bernardo Stein MD
  • Posterior Mediastinal Thymic Cyst: A case of 64 year-old Female with Syncope
    Hayder Hashim MD , Rend Al-Khalili MD, Michael Kasper MD, James Maher MD
  • Epigastric Pain in an 88 Year-old Female
    Monika Holbein, MD and Sunita Sood, MD
  • An 89-year-old woman with pancreatic cysts
    Grace Grabowy D.O., Michael Cho M.D., and Michael Jaker M.D.
  • Altered responses to TLR agonists in severe pediatric asthma compared to those with moderate persistent disease
    Simi Kapoor, L.Geng, Harumi Jyonouchi
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Suppressors and Inducers of Tolerance in Patients with Dustmite Allergic Asthma: Potential for a Stem Cell Therapy for Allergic Diseases
    Kapoor, S.; Patel, S.; Dave, M.; Axelrod, D.; Capitle, E.; Rameshwar, P.
  • Characterization of severe asthma (SA) in children of inner-city of Newark: Altered responses to recall antigens and a panel of agonists of toll like receptors (TRL).
    S. Kapoor, L. Geng, A.Feldman, H. Jyonouchi
  • Case Report: Dermatomyositis Causing Rapid Functional Decline
    L. Matarrese DO, I. Onyenemezu MD, M. Jaker MD, L. Sharer MD, E. Capitle, MD
  • Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Case of Metastatic Atypical Carcinoid with Paraneoplastic Cushing’s Syndrome
    L. Matarrese, DO, N. Furka, DO, D. Miskin, MD,  L. Pliner, MD, E. Nunez, MD, A. Natale-Pereira, MD, M. Demyen, MD, R. Mady, MSIV
  • Management of Crohn's disease flare in a steroid-resistant patient
    Birju Bhatt, MD, Ahmar Jafary, DO, Chithra Balasingham, MD
  • A Case of Jakob-Creutzfeldt Disease Presenting as Depression with Psychotic Features in a Young Hispanic Woman
    Minal Ahson MD MSPH, Xiaolin Yu MD, Morium Akthar MD, Jay Capunitan MD
  • The Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Outpatient Clinic
    Birju Bhatt MD, Razvi Razack MD, Kayode Olowe MD
  • 52-year-old man with Necrotizing Pneumonia
    Leandro Lencina, MD & Rajendra Kapila, MD
  • Refractory Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis in and African American Man Controlled with Adjunctive Interferon- γ
    Amina Goodwin-Fernandez, MD, Tom Chiang, MD
  • The prevalence of antiretroviral drug resistance mutations in antiretroviral naïve HIV-1 infected persons in Newark, New Jersey
    Amina Goodwin-Fernandez, Shobha Swaminathan, Helen Fernandes, Sally Hodder
  • Sorafenib Induced Interstitial Pneumonitis
    Madiha Tufail MD, Victor Chang MD, Shanthi Srinivas MD, Basil Kasimis MD
  • Abdominal Pain in an Immunocompromised Host
    Adam Raskin, MD, Christine Gerula, MD, Rajendra Kapila, MD
  • Significant Morbidity and Mortality is Inevitable
    with Chest Tube Insertion for Hepatic Hydrothorax
    A. Raskin, MD, P. Aditi, PA, S. Sood, MD,  M. Ahmad, MD,  K. Rao, MD,  A. Samanta, MD, FACG
  • Iatrogenic Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
    Adam Raskin MD, Alfonso Waller, MD, Steve Tsai, MD, Ralph Oriscello, MD
  • Urticaria and Angioedema Associated with Infertility Treatment: A Report of 2 Cases
    Vahid Rahimian DO, Mark E. Weinstein MD
  • Left Atrial Appendage Doppler Exit Velocity (LAADEV) As A Marker For Thromboembolic Risk After TEE-Guided Direct Current Cardioversion (DCCV)
    Santosh Varkey, MD, Aarti Patel, MD, Monica Sanchez-Ross, MD, Steven C. Tsai, MD and Ralph G. Oriscello, MD
  • Granulocytic sarcoma: extramedullary manifestation of AML presenting in an 18 year-old as a thigh mass
    Rajarshi Parai MD, Jose Churrango MD, Alluru Reddi MD
  • The Disappearing Cardiac Mass
    Ngozi Okeke, MD; Morium Akthar, MD; Lisa Dever, MD
  • Pulmonary Tumor Emboli from a Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Gyongyi Obi, MD   Hormoz Ashtyani, MD
  • Disseminated Paracocciodiodomycosis Presenting With Septic Joint
    Varghese G., De La Rosa B., Kloser P.
  • Diabetic Muscle Infarction-A Rare Complication of Long Standing Un-Controlled Diabetes Mellitus.
    Onyenemezu I, MD; DeCosimo D, MD; Capitle E, MD; Decicco, A MS-IV
  • A 64 year-old female with dyspnea and a large abdominal mass
    Gaurav Budhrani, MD, Adam Raskin, MD, Alfonso Waller, MD, Christine Gerula, MD
    Marlyn Fernandez, MD, Sushil Ahlawat, MD, Stephen Peters, MD, W. Clark Lambert, MD, Gizem Tumer, MD
  • Recurrent Acquired Tracheo-esophageal Fistula after Gunshot Wound,
    Sreelatha Naik MD, Ari Chodos MD, Michael Demyen MD
  • Promoting Empathy and Understanding of Poverty Among Medical Students and Residents Through A “Poverty Simulation.”
    Sreelatha Naik MD, Neil Kothari MD, Sophia Chen DO
  • Effect of Nasal Olopatadine on Histamine Skin Prick Reactivity
    Sharon Gendi  MD, Alan Wolff MD
  • Clinical characteristics of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in Vietnam era (V) and non-Vietnam era Veterans (Non V)
    S. Srinivas, K. Kim, T. Kalwar, M. Barry, V. T. S. Chang, M. Bryan, M. L. Gonzalez, J. Cogswell, M. Cholankeril, B. Kasimis
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients at a VA medical center: Comorbidity and survival
    K. Kim, T. Kalwar, M. Barry, S. Srinivas, V. T. Chang, K. Toomey, M. L. Gonzalez, L. Duque, M. McPherson, B. Kasimis
    Elkin A. Nunez, Rachid Assina, Maya Raghuwanshi, Jean Anderson Eloy, James K. Liu
  • Giant Thebesian Sinusoid Network in a Patient Presenting With Chest Pain
    Daniel Tsyvine MD, Edo Kaluski MD FACC
  • Treatment Of Recurrent Hepatitis C In Liver Transplant Recipients With Extended Duration Of Pegylated Interferon And Ribavirin
    Arrigo, Richard ; Samanta, Arun; Griffith, Shanthini; Parekh, Ravish M.; Korogodsky, Maria; Rao, Kiran V.; Fisher, Adrian; Wilson, Dorian; Klein, Kenneth M.; Koneru, Baburao
  • Different Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Pollen-Challenged Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Subjects with Allergic Rhinitis: Implications for translation of stem cells.
    Mauli B. Desai, Shyam A. Patel, Eugenio Capitle, Pranela Rameshwar
  • Pulmonary Hypertension As A Function Of Diastolic Grade In Patients With Left Heart Failure Is A Predictor Of Right Heart Function And Can Be Used To Optimize Timing Of LVAD Therapy|
    Daniel Zakhary, Eyad Alhaj, Robert Berkowitz
  • Acute Pancreatitis Secondary to Helminthic Infection
    D. Miskin, MD, L. Matarrese, DO, S. Peters, MD, R. Parikh, MD, R. Arrigo, DO, and M. Demyen, MD
  • An Unusual Case of Heterotaxy and Polysplenia Syndrome Associated with Left-sided Azygos Continuation of Inferior Vena Cava and Complete AV Canal
    Alfonso H. Waller, MD, Adam Raskin, MD, Pierre D. Maldjian, MD, Marc Klapholz, MD, and James Maher, MD
  • Prostacyclin induced Cachexia in Patients treated with intravenous Prostacyclin for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
    Alfonso H. Waller, MD, Wojciech Rudzinski, MD, PhD, Adam Raskin, MD, Bernard Kim, MD, Edo Kaluski, MD, James Maher, MD, Christine Gerula, MD, Robert Berkowitz, MD, and Marc Klapholz, MD
  • A Potential Role for Pulmonary Hypertension Specific Therapy in Patients with Sarcoidosis - A Case Report
    Michael Kasper MD, Natalie Furka DO, Luckshman Coomaralingam MD, Marc Klapholz MD, FACC
  • Bilateral Diaphragmatic Paralysis Secondary to Polyneuropathy and Phrenic Nerve Involvement Likely due to Diabetes Mellitus II
    Tim Meehan, MD, Ahmar Jafary, DO, Abdulilah Arafeh, MD
  • Ramsay Hunt syndrome (Herpes Zoster Oticus) in a liver transplant patient on immunosuppressive therapy
    Birju Bhatt, MD, Ahmar Jafary, DO, Cristina Cicogna, MD
  • Relationship of Vancomycin Usage and MRSA Decreased Vancomycin Susceptibility
    A. Jafary, S.M. Smith, A. Khyne, T.S. Chiang, R.H. Eng
  • Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder in a Patient with Orthotopic liver transplantation.
    Rinku Patel Jagait MD, Roxanna Rodriguez DO, Dianne Pulte MD
  • The Recurrent Parasite
    Benjamin De La Rosa, MD; Patricia Kloser, MD; Miranda Tan, DO
  • Is Social Networking Professional in Medicine?
    Maura Barry MD, Adam Raskin MD, Neil Kothari MD FACP
  • Double outlet right ventricle (DORV)
    Oussama Lawand, Yonatan Faiwiscewski
  • A Case of CNS Tuberculomas with Negative CSF Fingings
    Aleksey Tentler, MD; Zonaira Gul, MD; Raj Kapila, MD
  • Case Report and Review of Literature: Extensive Myocardial Iron Deposition in a patient with Hepatitis C
    Arthur Rusovici, MD;Samia Ibrahim, MD;Sunita Sood, MD;James Maher, MD, FACC;Christine Gerula, MD, FACC;Edo Kaluski, MD, FACC;Marc Klapholz, MD, FACC
  • Prophylactic Antibiotic Choice Alters Infection Rate in Colon Surgery
    Benjamin De La Rosa, Robert HK Eng
  • Pulmonary Function Testing in an Urban Cohort
    Vir Singh, Elizabeth Paige Luhn, Iris Herrera, Marc Lavietes, Shobha Swaminathan, Soyeon Kim, Sally Hodder
  • “Ablation of Crista Gap in a Patient with Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot and Double Loop Atrial Flutter”
    Aarti Patel MD,  Grace Elizabeth Grabowy  MD, Edo Kaluski MD, Marc Klapholz MD,  Sandhya Dhruvakumar MD
  • "Electrocardiographic Diagnosis of Origin of Scar-related Monomorphic VT as correlated by Electroanatomic Mapping during VT subtrate modification in a Patient with Ventricular Storm”.
    Aarti Patel MD, Ehsan Hazrati MD, James Maher MD, Marc Klapholz MD, Sandhya Dhruvakumar MD
  • Comparison of efficacy and safety profile of intracoronary nitroprusside and intravenous adenosine for fractional flow reserve (FFR) study.
    Wojciech Rudzinski MD PhD, Salvador Sanchez CVT, Cynthia Cruz RN, Michael Benz MD, James Reily RN, Preet Randhawa MD, Marc Klapholz MD, Edo Kaluski MD
  • Gender predilection of elevated pulmonary artery pressure in patients with liver cirrhosis.
    Wojciech Rudzinski MD PhD, Alfonso Waller MD, Arthur Rusovici MD, Christine Gerula MD, Arun Samanta MD, Baburao Koneru MD, Marc Klapholz MD
  • A Case of Hydronephrosis Secondary to a Uterine Fibroid
    Kunal D. Patel, MD; Nelson Aluya, MD; Meredith Schade, MD
  • 4 years of diarrhea: A case of Immunoproliferative Small Intestinal Disease
    T. Barnes DO, A. Chodos MD, C. Atallah DO, K. Klein MD, W. Wang MD
  • 55-Year-Old Woman with atypical Sjogren’s Syndrome
    Catherine Koper MD,  Lauren Parker MD, Eugenio Capitle MD,  Zaza Cohen MD
  • Preoperative Pulmonary Function Tests predicting postoperative complications in Liver Transplant Patients.
    Zeeshan Khan, DO; Ami Abraham, DO; Marc Lavietes, MD; Baburao Koneru, MD; Geena Varghese, DO; Rene Paulin, MD.
  • Wide based waddling gait – A case report of Pubic Symphysis Osteomyelitis in an IV drug user
    Y. Daniel DO, R. Kapila MD
  • Chronic Abdominal Pain secondary to Mesh Migration and Erosion into the Cecum following prior Incisional Hernia Repair.
    Raj Sarkar MSIII, Marcin Szember MD, Sridevi Manginani MD, and Zamir Brelvi MD, PhD
  • Blue Toes Syndrome: presenting as distal embolization  after subacute myocardial infarction
    George Protopapas MD, Katherine Kim MD, Rajarshi Parai MD, Apostolos Voudouris MD
  • Double Lumen Esophagus:  A Rare Complication of GERD And Esophagitis
    Samiullah MD, Fatima Samad MD,  Adam Peyton DO,  Weizheng Wang MD
    Cynthia Quainoo MD, Hayder Hashim MD, Rania Al-Tamsheh MD
  • “A Hole In My Chest” : A Case of Leukemia Cutis
    Leidy Soriano MD, Robert Fede MD
  • A Rare Case of Prostate Cancer with Cutaneous Metastasis
    René E. Paulin MD, Jessie Gao MD, Samia Ibrahim MD, Basil Kasimis MD, Victor Chang MD, Shahida Ahmed MD


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