Resident Wellness

Resident Wellness

Residency can be a stressful time, filled with long hours and difficult decisions. Finding that fine balance between life and work is not an easy task. A recent survey by the ACGME found that a majority of residents classified themselves as healthy, but when further evaluated by individual lifestyle factors, namely sleep disturbances, low energy levels, and depression, residents were found to have scores well below the average of their non-resident peers. This discrepancy between residents' positive perceptions of their health versus the reality further impresses the significance of wellness during residency. Here at NJMS we strongly believe in fostering a culture of wellness among all our residents. Therefore, we have organized a resident wellness committee to make this a priority. Services ranging from social outings, running groups, sporting and music events, outdoor activities, yoga sessions, to counseling, the Wellness Committee spans broadly to accommodate the interests of our residents.

What We Offer:

resident wellness



Calendar of Events


Social Events

Example of Events:

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Trips

  • Enjoying the food, excitement and entertainment of Atlantic City

Happy Hour

  • Follow Us on twitter @NJMSIMwellness for updates and list of happy hours and new social events as they are scheduled. Emails are sent in addition advertising these events as they approach.


  • Weekly trivia contest at Shannon Rose Restaurant in Clifton on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM

  • Compete for best buy $$, tickets to sporting events or AMX gift cards

Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags—Fright Fest


NJ Devils

  • Multiple dates during the Season

  • Family event to watch hockey all are welcome to attend

  • Event dates and ticket information are emailed as the date approaches


Football Games

  • Family event to enjoy Jets and Giants games

  • Discounts via Hackensack University Medical Center

Fantasy Football League

  • All are welcome to join

MLS NY Red Bulls

Red Bulls Soccer Games

  • Fun Family event

  • Great experience

  • Discounts available via HUMC




Concerts and Events

The New York City area as extensive opportunities for concerts and events.

Example of Events:

Cherry Blossoms


  • Cherry Blossom Festival

  • St Patrick's Day parade

  • May Pole Festival



  • Fourth of July Fire Works

  • Warped tour




  • Greek festival

  • Food truck festival

  • Oktoberfest

  • CMJ Music Marathon

  • Great Pumpkin Festival

  • Renaissance Fair oct



  • Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

  • Times Square New Years Eve





We love running and spend much of our time outside the hospital running 10ks, half-marathons, and even a marathon here and there. We would love to share a little bit about the basics of running and I hope that all of you will give running a chance. It's a great way to spend some time outdoors and to feel great overall!


Popular Gyms:







It is a great way to get in shape, get toned, and help keep your mind calm and present in the crazy world of medicine in which we all live. Here are a list of discounted or free yoga classes:


  • Lululemon in Montclair, NJ @ 10AM each Sunday (520 Bloomfield Ave). You can try their mats during class

  • Yoga in the Park with Bhakti Barn (Taylor Park in MIllburn, NJ) @ Noon each Sunday during the summer


  • Warm yoga with Baker Street Yoga in Maplewood @ 7PM (97A Baker Street, Maplewood, NJ)


  • Hot yoga with Powerflow in Clifton @ 4PM (1288 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ)

There are many more studios (especially in the Montclair and Bloomfield area) which offer "first calls/week" free and I have tried many of them, so don't hesitate to ask which ones are great! These classes are all taught by revolving teachers (meaning you can go to many to find out whose style you like the best) and are all free! They are also all Vinyassa (flowing) style yoga which is great for both exercise and relaxation. Keep in mind yoga means "to yoke," or to connect the mind and body with the breath.




Outdoors club


We will be organizing day hikes, camping and kayaking trips. There will be ample time to fish, swim, relax in a riverside hammocks or take amazing pictures of the wildlife. There is a large number of hike trails and outdoor activities within an hour drive. From our previous Hike in the fall in the catskills to our lazy river float down the Delaware river. We will always help you find an excuse to get out of the house on your day off.

Fall Foliage Trail ride

  • Enjoy the beautiful fall foliage from horse back while exploring northwest NJ

Lazy River


  • Harriman loop trail

  • Catskill mountains


Fishing Club:


Whether it’s a planned weekend trip or any early end of a day. This group of fishing enthusiasts are ready to go fishing at a moments notice. We have opportunities to learn baitcasting fresh water fish-ing, fly fishing for trout, salt water surf fishing or in the fall night fishing for stripped bass. All levels of experience are welcome including beginners you’ll be hooked in no time.

Local fishing favorites:

  • Ken Lockwood Gorge - great trout fishing and beautiful hiking trails

  • Round Valley Reservoir - great trout, bass fishing, kayaking hiking and wilderness camping

  • Sandy hook—great stripped bass fishing and surf fishing, great biking trails

~ “Give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

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Community Service:

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Red Cross Volunteering

  • University Hospital Community Outreach Committee

  • Red Cross Blood Drives

  • American Heart Association 5K

  • Medical Missions to Haiti


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Residency is a stressful time with long hours. If you are starting to experience the signs and symptoms of physician burnout please reach out to your Chief Residents. If you feel more comfortable please contact the Rutgers University Behavioral Health Department who are available to aid and support you in a confidential manner.

Call Center: For more information please call: 973-972-5429 Resident Wellness and Excellence Center

Crisis line: 1-800-327-3678

Resident Wellness Center:

Physician Burn Out: Remember you’re not alone.


Common Symptoms:

  1. Emotional Exhaustion : agitation, fatigue, emotional liability

  2. “Depersonalization” : apathy, disconnected

  3. Reduced Accomplishment : failure to meet goals, feeling of “why bother”