Support The Residency Program

Support the Residency Program

Remember back to your busy days as a medicine resident - the late nights on call at University Hospital, the feeling of camaraderie with your fellow housestaff, the compassionate and scholarly faculty who taught you.  Perhaps you were initially anxious or worried about your clinical skills when you first arrived here, wondering how would become the great physician you always aspired to be.

Now think about where you are in your career today - successful, self-assured, and highly respected in the community for your clinical skills and knowledge. We would like to think your years in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School helped play a strong role in creating the great physician you are today.

Today, the NJMS IM Residency Program continues to provide cutting edge, premier training for over 120 residents annually, drawing on the years of experience and expertise of its expert faculty.  Our graduates are highly respected and sought after for fellowships and jobs, and play a critical role in improving the health status of the people of New Jersey and in communities around the country.

Despite our resounding success in producing excellent internists, graduate medical education has faced ever-increasing challenges over the years in the areas of funding, accreditation, and regulation. While Rutgers views graduate medical education as an important part of its mission, it is imperative that our program maintains a healthy ability to independently respond to special educational and training opportunities, when the need arises, and to support the continued professional development of our graduates.


Supporting the Legacy

Now, you have the opportunity to give back by supporting the residency program through the New Jersey Health Foundation. We have set up three general funds for donations, which are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, to assist the program.  You can either donate directly online by clicking on the appropriate link, or by printing out a donation form and mailing it in. All donations will be acknowledged in an upcoming residency newsletter. Through your generosity, we can continue providing the extras that make our program special, vital, and valuable to our residents.>

  1. NJMS IM Residency Education Fund
    [online donation page]

  2. Johanson Conference Room at University Hospital - Maintenance Fund
    [online donation page]

  3. NJMS IM Residency Simulation and New Technologies Fund
    [online donation page]

Your participation in this gifting program is greatly appreciated. Invest in continued high-quality Internal Medicine education and training in Northern New Jersey, and consider the impact your support will have on the quality of health care in communities today and tomorrow.