Chief Residents

Chief Residents

Internal Medicine Residency Program
Chief Residents 2021-2022


University Hospital

Dr. Ampey


UH Chief Medical Resident

Madia is from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, where she perfected her snow shoeing, ice fishing, and ice-skating. Although she would miss the hotdish and balmy -15 degree days, she ventured to Baltimore for undergrad where she studied Spanish Language and played club Volleyball. She continued her journey south to Miami for a one-year AmeriCorps program called City Year. The blistering heat and humidity was too much and she returned home to complete medical school at the University of Minnesota. Oh, don't cha know, it was during her time in medical school that she solidified her interest in working with underserved populations and the complexities of social determinants of health. She then landed at Rutgers NJMS for residency. Some of her interests include baking (yes, you can likely find cookies and cakes in the medicine conference room), eating, volleyball, the Great British Bake Off, and hanging out with friends and family. Uffdah!


Dr. Bowen


UH Chief Medical Resident

Dana was born right here in "Brick City," also known as the City of Newark. Being raised by parents from Jamaica, she prides herself on her ability to connect with people from similar backgrounds who may also share this dual identity of being American, yet having ties to another country she also calls home. In her adult years, she swiftly staved off any hopes of being a Track and Field Olympian to continue in other interests like Jiu Jitsu and the performing arts. On a glorious summer day in college while attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, she returned to the city of her birth as a volunteer at University Hospital's Emergency Department. There she gained inspiration and insight on the physician-patient relationship. This experience coupled with her Public Health degree landed her at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, New Jersey. Many of her volunteer activities in Camden cultivated her appreciation for human life inside and outside the context of Medicine. When it was time to choose a residency program, she couldn't go any further South on the Jersey Turnpike and she carefully looked for a place that had excellent medical education, a ton of traffic, and all the great cuisines she grew with. Rutgers NJMS had all the above! In her free time, she enjoys live music, learning new recipes, or just hanging out with friends. She plans on pursuing a career in Cardiology.



Veterans Affairs

Dr. DiSesa


VA Chief Medical Resident

George grew up in a town called Wynnewood, a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. He attended Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where he majored in International Studies. After graduating, he worked as an athletic trainer in San Francisco, CA and prepared for medical school by learning to jump off cliffs with skis on. After his adventure west, he moved back to Philadelphia to complete a post-baccalaureate course and medical school at Temple University. He hopes to pursue a career in academic medicine with an interest in public health and health policy. He is working to complete his MBA through Rutgers University. As a strong believer in wellness, he spends his spare time with his family and friends as often as he can. He enjoys camping and hiking, cycling, and has started to read as many books as possible. He also continues to pursue a career in professional Big Mountain skiing.


Dr. Barajas


VA Chief Medical Resident

Born in La Barca, Mexico, Aldo was a curious boy who wanted to be a musician, martial artist, philosopher, mathematician, and physicist. He settled for medicine and received his M.D. from Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. In his final years of medical school, he decided to undergo residency training in the United States. He was extremely fortunate to find supportive friends that helped him fulfill this goal. Aldo found a new home and many great new friends at Rutgers NJMS. Here in Jersey, he enjoys time with friends, talking to his family, playing guitar, skiing, swimming, biking, dancing, writing, and eating when not at work. Aldo plans to pursue further training in preventative medicine, public health, and perhaps professional dancing.



Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Dr. Laharwal


SBMC Chief Medical Resident

Mehak was born and raised in Kashmir where people are voracious meat eaters and rice lovers (everything tastes better with rice). For Kashmiris, hospitality is stuffing you with food till you can’t take another bite. Mehak went to medical school by default but ended up loving it. She found a new home and a new family in New Jersey when she joined St. Barnabas Medical Center for Internal Medicine Residency. Outside of work, Mehak can be found lying on her couch, lost in a vortex of YouTube videos, with a stash of books on her side that she purchases in the hope to read one day. The promise of good food, ice cream or a drive to see Manhattan skyline will lure her out of her natural habitat. She plans to pursue a fellowship in Hematology-Oncology after residency and is interested in translational research.