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The following are highlights of the benefits offered by New Jersey Medical School. Click here for a more in-depth description of housestaff benefits:



New Jersey Medical School provides a comprehensive salary which gives residents the flexibility of living on either side of the Hudson River. The basic salaries for house staff (effective July 1, 2021) are:

PGY - 1 $61,749
PGY - 2 $65,934
PGY - 3 $69,970
PGY-4 - $74,056



  • All residents have access to health insurance, prescription drug program, dental care, disability insurance, and life insurance. An educational stipend of $600.00 is provided for books and journals yearly. In addition, residents are given $600.00 to attend resident orientation in June.

  • Our scheduling system is designed to provide coverage in the event of sudden illness or personal emergency.

  • An e-mail newsgroup has been created as part of a central database for scheduling requests as well as general updates, deadlines and information on social functions.

  • Daycare facilities are also available for housestaff at minimal cost.

  • All expenses paid for one conference per year if you are the first author of a poster or presentation.



  • Housestaff receive employment contracts valid for a maximum of one year. The contract refers to the duration of appointment, salary, training level (PGY), vacation, health benefits, liability coverage, uniforms and the obligations of the appointee.

  • Please find the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Graduate Medical Education Committee Policies and Procedure Manual at:



  • Meals or meal cards are provided for you when you are on call at all three hospitals.


Educational Resources

  • Up To Date and MD Consult are offered for free to the housestaff as well as a database of recent clinical guidelines; full text journal articles available on-line from library.

  • Medical library resources available at all three institutions.

  • Links to Micromedex, Lippincott, medical textbooks and full text journal articles are available in the East Orange VA's computerized medical record.

  • Computerized retrieval of labs, radiographic studies, and outpatient records; inpatient computerized system in use at VA; inpatient system at University Hospital.

  • Residents are provided with a complete three-year curriculum; goals and objectives as well as current literature are distributed at the start of each rotation.

  • All residents are assigned a mentor who will assist interns in choosing electives, becoming involved in research and obtaining their desired fellowship training or private practice.


Professional Liability

  • Residents are covered for medical liability as part of their contract during their three years of employment.