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Scholarly Activity/Research

Residents are supported by the department in travel to the SAEM Annual Conference (EM-2s) and ACEP Scientific Assembly (ACEP) to further their learning and to support their scholarly work.

Further, residents and faculty in Emergency Medicine are actively involved in a variety of projects. These span Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) and more in-depth research projects.

Expectations for resident involvement with QA/QI and reserarch projects is per the timeline below. All projects are supervised by a faculty mentor and overseen by the department's Research Committee. A selection of our department's recent publications is presented below too.

  • EM-1
    • Work on EM-2 driven QA/QI project
  • EM-2
    • Create and run a new QA/QI project
  • EM-3
    • Complete/follow-up on QA/QI project...especially the QI component
    • Optional: Generate, develop and execute research project (may be initiated prior to the EM-3 year)
  • EM-4
    • Complete above projects as best as possible

Residents are supported for travel related to pre-approved presentations of their scholarly work at regional/national conferences.


Below is a list of projects residents worked on and presented regionally or nationally during the 2019-20 academic year:

“Our charge is a high-quality discharge” - Robert Adrian MD, Hosseinali Shahidi MD, Ronald Ikechi MD

“Compliance With Repeat Lactate Measurement in Updated Sepsis Bundle” - Philip Baddoura MD, Van Kenyon MD, Marc Berenson MD, Maureen Gang MD

"The Use of Chaplaincy Services During End-of-life Care in the Emergency Department" - April Choi, MD

"Are patients presenting with gastrointestinal hemorrhage and history of cirrhosis receiving appropriate antibiotics in the ED?" - Anna Frishman MD, Adam Kenney MD

“Smoking Cessation Counseling in the Emergency Department” - Evan Grossi MD, Aislinn Black DO, Christine Ramdin PhD

Are We Having Goals of Care Discussions with ICU Admissions? - Edward Lee MD, Rebecca Goett MD, Christine Ramdin PhD

"Measuring Changing Competence in Teaching Evidence Based Medicine to Medical Students" - Ariel Sena MD, Adam Kenney MD, Lana Shaker MD, Shannon Moffett MD

"Emergency Department Provider Attitudes and Perceptions on Emergency and Long Acting Reversible Contraception" -Lana Shaker MD, Chifaa Bouzidi MD, Mariya Cherneykina MD, Catherine Yu MD, Christine Ramdin PhD, Meredith Masters MD

Are Emergency Department Providers Following State and CDC Guidelines in Patients Presenting After Sexual Assault? - Catherine Yu, MD, Maureen Gang, MD

"Are Emergency Department Staff Following Established Guidelines for Administering Emergency Contraception?"
Catherine Yu, MD, Lana Shaker, MD, Mariya Cherneykina, MD, Chifaa Bouzidi, MD, Anna Frishman, MD, Christine Ramdin, PhD, M. Meredith Masters, MD

"Extubating Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department" - Chandni Ravi MD, Van Kenyon MD, Maureen Gang MD, Lewis Nelson MD

“Rhabdomyolysis in Combative or Intoxicated Emergency Department Patients” - Mikhail Blyakher MD, Mariya Cherneykina MD, Christine Ramdin PhD, Michael Anana MD

“Medical Student Attitudes and Perceptions After Implementation of a Clerkship Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum” - Lana Shaker MD, Adam Kenney MD, Ariel Sena MD, Shannon Moffett MD

“Examining the Use of Naloxone by an Urban Hospital-Based Basic Life Support Service” - Peter Alsharif, Diane Calello MD, Lewis Nelson MD, Christine Ramdin PhD, Meredith Masters, MD

"Epinephrine Auto-Injectors: Are We Following World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Guidelines?" - Megana Hedni MD, Christine Ramdin PhD, Virteeka Sinha MD

"Are we following institutional guidelines for prescribing naloxone rescue kits in the emergency department?" - Samantha Lleras MD, Shivani Patel, Christine Ramdin PhD, Lindsay Fox MD