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Scholarly Tracks


Residents have a variety of interests as they enter their graduate training, but often do not have a clear sense of how to investigate, explore and cultivate them further. Additionally, as a four-year program we recognize the need to differentiate ourselves and provide a “value-added” service to our residents.

In 2016, the Rutgers Health/NJMS EM residency initiated a Scholarly Track program, and in 2022 we modified the program to take into account our own observations as well as feedback from both faculty and residents.

Each track focuses on the resident developing a specialized skillset or “niche” within Emergency Medicine. The track program timeline is divided into two main components, exploratory and immersion.

By developing an academic niche during residency, our residents can choose any career path at graduation. Whether it be in an academic fellowship, joining academic faculty, or community medicine, our tracks help ensure that our graduating Rutgers EM residents are highly competitive and marketable.


Exploratory Phase (EM-1&2):

During their first and second year, residents participate in different tracks every 2-month blocks to gain exposure to the variety of options. Faculty track leaders lead residents through various activities to allow for an overview of the field as they deem appropriate.

Immersion Phase (EM-3&4):

At the end of their second year, residents may apply to enter a specific track, or create a hybrid track (subject to PD approval). At least one faculty member in each track will oversee the resident’s continued development through a more focused didactic, clinical and scholarly experience over the third and fourth years. Residents that successfully participate in this immersion phase and successfully complete the requirements for the track will graduate with Distinction in that particular niche area, such as Distinction in Global Health or Distinction in Medical Education. Those residents that do not select a particular track and do not wish to pursue a Distinction continue to participate in different scholarly track activities in a manner similar to the Exploratory Phase.

Residents that have a clear commitment to a specific track prior to their EM-3 year may enter the Immersion Phase at an earlier stage (subject to PD approval).

During fourth year, if a resident has shown an especially remarkable dedication to a particular track, faculty can name them as a fourth-year Resident Track Leader that can lead in exploratory activities with juniors or other actions on that track.

Scholarly Tracks- Mentors

* Administration - Drs. Dym, Muckey & Rosania

* Community & Urban Health - Drs. Ikechi & Sahu

* Critical Care - Drs. Farooqi & Ostrovsky

* Education (GME & UME) - Drs. Dunn, Lleras, Ripper, Sena & Sule

* Emergency Medical Services - Drs. Satty & Yuan

* Global Health – Drs. Black, Sahu & Sule

* Palliative Care - Drs. Goett & Lamba

* Pediatric EM – Drs. Baranowski, Sinha & Wong

* Simulation - Drs. Anana & Wong

* Toxicology - Drs. Calello, Greller, Meaden & Parris

* Ultrasound - Drs. Alerhand, Mueller & Ostrovsky


Track Activities

Track activities will include, but not be limited to:

* Regular Scholarly Track group meetings (didactics, journal clubs, etc.), including quarterly in residency conferences

* Relevant committee or administrative meetings

* Attend local, regional, or national conferences or seminars (subject to availability of funding)

* Staff off-site activities or mass events

* Clinical rotations when relevant

* Auditing courses within Rutgers University

* Elective/Scholarly Track rotations may be used towards focused goals within the track (subject to approval of track mentor and PD)


* At the end of EM-2 year the resident will be required to submit a formal application for entry to a specific track (or requesting approval for creation of a hybrid track). This application must outline at minimum the resident's interest in the area, and focused goals/projects to be achieved over the Immersion Phase.

* At the end of EM-4 year residents seeking Distinction in an area will be required to submit a write-up or prepare a presentation highlighting activities and achievements related to their Scholarly Track participation. This will be shared with the residency at an annual Education & Research Symposium hosted locally by the residency.