Application Information

Rutgers NJMS participates in the National Recidency Match Program (NRMP), and applications for PGY-1 positions are only accepted through the AAMC's ERAS service. We currently accept 6 residents per year in a four-year format.

In order to apply to our program, prospective residents must meet the following criteria:

  • must have satisfactorily completed an approved educational program at an LCME-accredited school of medicine
  • must have successfully passed Step I of the United States Licensing Examination (USMLE)
  • be a member of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) located in Washington, DC
  • graduates of foreign medical schools must have at least one year of training in an approved internship or residency program in the United States, and have successfully passed the USMLE Step I, Step 2CK, and Step 2CS.
  • Below is some key information to help you apply:

  • Application Review: The following is a general timeline to our interview process
    • Application Review Early October
    • - Late September
    • Interview invitations sent out
    • - Early October
    • Interview -- Late October through December.
    • We continue to review applications/updates over the entire interview season and maintain an active waitlist. Due to the high volume of applications we are unable to individually inform candidates if their application is still under review or if we are unable to extend an interview offer.
  • Interview - Interviews are conducted at the Rutgers NJMS campus at 185 South Orange Avenue in Newark, NJ (MSB E-609). Approximately 8am to 2pm - Interview day includes breakfast, address by programdirector and chair, inividual interviews, and a tour of the campus and lunch with the residents. Applicants are welcone to stay for resident didactic from 3PM to 5PM. However, it is not a requirement and the program understands that travel will preclude participation. While we understand that some cancellations are inevitable, we strongly encourage you to cancel your interview with at least 2 weeks notice - this not only gives another candidate the opportunity to fill your slot, but also allows them to make travel plans, etc.
  • Post-Interview - We strictly abide by the NRMP rules and will not give you indication before, during or after your interview regarding your potential spot on the rank list. Lack of communication post-interview should not be construed as lack of interest from us, a low position on the rank list or a problem with your application, but is simply us sticking to the rules.


For more information, contact Gloria Shelton, Residency Coordinator, at 973-972-3574 or email