Message from the Chair

einstein office

Mark Einstein, MD
Professor and Chair
Associate Dean

Welcome the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Health at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Our Department has undergone dynamic changes in the last decade and continues to grow and contribute to the health of our community and push the bar higher for clinical medicine.

As both a surgical subspecialty, as well as primary care and office practices, the department has nationally renowned experts in all subspecialty areas. Our department is also on the forefront of innovative and novel approaches to clinical and translational research, including providing innovative medicines and treatments to our patients that are novel. These activities continue to grow as we are studying an array of clinical issues that affect women including premature labor, embryo implantation, ovarian cancer, ovarian molecular biology, human papillomavirus, the relationship between the female genital tract and the immune system, as well as menopausal transition and premature ovarian failure.

The department is committed to educating the next generation of expert professionals. We are particularly proud of our medical student and resident educational programs, as well as its fellowship training programs in maternal fetal medicine and reproductive endocrinology/infertility. Our educational program for medical students continues to successfully evolve with greater use of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE). At NJMS, we recognize simulation as an appropriate & innovative supplement to the current medical student and residency instructional model, and have made a commitment to increase its applications by further incorporating this modality.  We also have a commitment to adult learning, teaching principles into the institution’s overall health profession’s education.

Our residency program uniquely provides training in all aspects and levels of gynecology, including acutely ill and across the diversity and heterogeneity of the population in the surrounding communities.  Our dedicated faculty with a tremendous volume and knowledge and expertise share their knowledge with all providers and patients alike.  Our didactic teaching and mentorship programs at the foundation of our department ensures that our residents do well on their examinations and boards and thrive in their careers.

In keeping with the the community outreach mission of NJMS, community service is not just a passion, it’s our mission. We have worked to build relationships within the Newark community that are based on mutual respect and a shared desire to improve the lives of those who dwell in the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to offering topnotch medical care to our patients, we frequently send our students, faculty and staff into local communities to provide healthcare services, screenings and education; mentoring opportunities; and counseling.

Our faculty are also involved in a variety of clinical and basic research in the field of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Gynecologic Oncology. We are conducting several studies using novel agents supported by both the National Institutes of Health and cutting edge drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies so we can provide novel agents in our own backyard to the women who need them the most.  Some of these trials include an experimental drug for the treatment of preterm labor, a liner to detect amniotic fluid leakage at home, a vaccine trial of medical, rather than surgical, therapy for the treatment of precancerous cervical lesions, and at the forefront of cancer treatment, an immunotherapy drug to treat ovarian cancer.

We have ongoing studies to evaluate the effectiveness of prenatal centering and navigation programs, to be able to better serve our obstetrical patients. We are also studying chromosome replication and preeclampsia with the collection of maternal and cord blood samples for testing.

Our research infrastructure has grown as we continue to have funded projects and mentor surgeon-scientists. I greatly anticipate a continued vibrant research portfolio to provide our patient’s state of the art care.

It is an honor to serve as Chairman of such an incredible and dedicated group of faculty, staff and students. Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Health here at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.