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3rd Year Medical Students


Core Surgery Clerkship

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Goals & Objectives

The clerkship in surgery is an opportunity for you to be exposed to the vast diseases and medical problems which require surgical consultation or intervention. The rotation is intended for you to develop clinical and problem-solving skills necessary to understand the pathophysiology and surgical management of both simple and complex diseases. Students will quickly recognize that the unique experience of being in the operating room is very closely associated with a deep understanding of the medical problem warranting surgical intervention. In addition, urgent evaluation of those illnesses which require immediate surgery will enable students to experience the complex decision making required to decide when and when not to operate.

There will be opportunities for active participation in the care of patients, an important aspect which highlights the reality that surgery is truly a hands-on specialty. Finally, the didactic curriculum combined with proactive self-learning will reinforce and unify the clinical and instructive aspects of the rotation. In general, the goals and objectives of the clerkship can be divided into:

Preoperative Care

  • Prioritize differential diagnoses of surgical diseases
  • Identify the indications for both emergent and elective surgery
  • Understand the preoperative work-up necessary to prepare for the OR

Operative Care

  • Understand how to obtain informed patient consent
  • Explain various options for surgical intervention
  • Compare intraoperative considerations and preparation
  • Describe surgical anatomy and physiology

Postoperative Care

  • Formulate postoperative order sets
  • Be able to perform a postoperative check
  • Recognize postoperative recovery and expected progress
  • Identify and discuss the management of postoperative complications
  • Assess discharge parameters and follow-up