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International Surgical Health Initiative (ISHI)



We are honored to have one of our esteemed Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Ziad Sifri, serves as the President of ISHI, The International Surgical Health Initiative. ISHI is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that provides free surgical care to underprivileged patients in third-world countries. A team of volunteers consists of surgeons, nurses, residents, anesthesiologists, and non-medical volunteers. ISHI plans 2-3 mission trips per year and their most recent trips included Ghana, Peru, Philippines, and Sierra Leone.




In 2008, Dr. Sifri co-created the humanitarian organization with Dr. Asha Bale. As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Sifri’s passion is to provide surgical care to improve health around the world, build lasting relationships with communities, and empower local medical professionals. An ISHI mission is a 10 day mission, performing approximately 50 surgical operations in 5-7 days. Dr. Sifri and his team also partner with other medical institutions to have more residents involved and exposed to international healthcare.


Dr. Sifri’s humanitarian efforts have attracted a strong interest among medical students and residents. An ISHI elective course has been added to the curriculum for those interested in receiving academic credit to learn about international surgeries. Dr. Sifri’s overall goal is to increase awareness for ISHI and underserved patients, while educating other countries. ISHI volunteers finance their own airfare and travel expenses for the entire mission.

Ishi Course


ISHI is dedicated to change the global outlook of healthcare. Visit the ISHI website for more information about Dr. Sifri’s work and learn how you can donate: ISHI