The Center is strongly committed to raising awareness and supporting efforts in Global Surgery. Furthermore, it is committed to academic development, interdisciplinary collaboration and capacity building. We hope to inspire young students and residents to take on the challenge and to support faculty members actively involved in Global Surgery. Lack of surgical access and the resulting surgical burden results in unnecessary and preventable death, as well as pain and suffering on a daily basis. The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery outlines thoroughly the extent of the problem and its human and economic consequences. We envision that the provision of safe and affordable surgical care will one day be available to reduce premature death, disability and promote economic development globally.


The Global Surgery center will support all global surgery activities at Rutgers NJMS including; facilitating surgical missions, integrating resident and medical students into global surgery, developing a curriculum for surgical training, as well as supporting global surgery research.


The vision of the center is to support global surgical activities through service, teaching and research.


Main Areas of Focus: REACT

Research Support

  • Mentoring students/residents interested in Global Surgery

  • Fostering multidisciplinary faculty research collaboration

  • Setting up monthly research meetings

  • Encouraging residents and students to present their work at local, regional and national meetings

  • Promoting peer review publication in Global Surgery


Education of residents and medical students

  • Coordinating and developing clinical electives in Global Surgery for students and residents

  • Establishing a Global Surgery curriculum; running Non-credit electives in Global Surgery and Global Health

  • Support Global Surgery Fellow

  • Developing Global Surgery track for residents



  • Raising awareness and advocating for neglected surgical patients at the institutional and national level

  • Joining advocacy groups to promote Global Surgery

  • Joining members of the global academic community to unite in support of surgical care in the global agenda



  • Building Long term multi-disciplinary partnerships, education, training, library & supplies

  • Developing an international surgical E-library

  • Providing long distance training & telemedicine

  • Collaborative research/workforce development or expansion

  • Deliver surgical supplies and equipment to hospitals in LMIC



  • Developing surgical training curriculum for local health care providers in LMIC

  • Providing training and lectures during surgical missions

  • Teaching/training via teleconference with LMIC

  • Developing operative manuals & updates in surgical care