Clinical Research

Clinical research is the single most important link between basic science and its clinical application. The Division of Clinical Research was established to attract and provide support for clinical research done within the Department of Surgery. For residency applicants interested in academic careers, this novel departmental initiative demonstrates the inherent commitment of this Department to the support of clinical research performed by all of its members, as well as to the continuous enhancement of the Department's reputation as a center of excellence in Surgical Research. Residency applicants interested in clinical careers should also be keenly aware that the availability of opportunities to participate in research presentations and publications may represent a crucial opportunity to "stand out from the crowd" when the time comes for applications to nationally competitive fellowship positions.


Our Mission

Making sure that patients get the best possible treatment must at times go a step farther than an office visit or procedure. Significant advances in the medical field get achieved on account of the research done and those that put the time in to investigate the undiscovered. The Department has an outstanding reputation in research, and all those involved in it today carry on that reputation. It is a wonderful opportunity not only for our faculty, but for our students as well. The research here allows for residents to partake in a crucial opportunity that sets them apart and supplies them with another level of education that is invaluable.


Meet Our Faculty

Charles R. Spillert

Charles R. Spillert, PhD

Associate Professor

Zoltan Spolarics

Zoltan Spolarics, MD, PhD



Luis Ulloa, PhD

Associate Professor



“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination." - John Dewey



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