Department of Psychiatry


Petros Levounis, MD, MA
Professor and Chair

Welcome to the NJMS Department of Psychiatry, where our diverse team of highly skilled clinicians and staff work together to promote a culture of quality, safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion across everything we do. We deliver state-of-the-art psychiatric care to our patients through our inpatient and outpatient services and expand our work beyond our campus through funded research and community outreach.

Medical education at all levels remains at the center of our department’s mission which is to train the new generation of mental health leaders through model residency and fellowship programs and to educate our medical students to become highly competent and genuinely compassionate healers. We strive to bring our education division to the next level of excellence through curriculum monitoring and the introduction of innovative learning experiences.

A few of our academic highlights are a multi-specialty, Accreditation Council of Medical Education approved fellowship in Addiction Medicine; a published book project for third-year medical students; training in cutting edge treatment techniques and expert supervision for residents in both somatic and psychotherapeutic approaches; and advanced courses such as a year-long interdisciplinary evidence-based medicine and mental health seminar series offering shared treatment training for psychiatry senior residents, addiction fellows, and doctoral-level psychology interns. To learn more about our various opportunities and services, we invite you to review the information below.



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