Application Information

Dr. Gunal has opportunities for Graduate Students and Medical Students in the areas of animal models of neuropsychiatric diseases, neuroimaging, molecular biology, and electrophysiology. Interested applicants may send inquiries and CV to
Lab is currently inviting applications of students who are interested in joining the lab. Undergraduates are encouraged to apply for research rotations. Please contact Dr. Gunal directly if you are interested.

Thank you for your interest in our Research.

To apply to any of our research projects, please send your CV and inquiries to:


Dr. Ozlem Bozdagi Gunal, M.D., Ph.D., P.I.
Phone: (973) 972-2096 or (973) 972-1888

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Department of Psychiatry
Behavioral Health Sciences Building,
183 South Orange Avenue, F-level
Newark, NJ 07103
Room Labs: F-1538, F-1545    Office: F-1534