Division of Education & Training

The Education Division of the Department of Psychiatry of the New Jersey Medical School is committed to promoting excellence in the field of psychiatric education. The division relies on a faculty of dedicated and talented educators who, in the majority of cases, are also skillful clinicians. Our evidence-based curricula offer cutting edge knowledge and teaching modalities, and emphasizes balance among the biological, psychological and social sciences.

The main components of our division are:

1) Residency Training Program

The program is a fully accredited four year residency training program in general adult psychiatry. It is committed to providing a comprehensive education in all the important treatment modalities including psychopharmacology, the psychotherapies, and ECT. Philosophically, the residency is founded upon the bio-psycho-social model, which is reflected in the didactic and supervisory experience.

2) Medical Student Education Programs

The Department provides teaching throughout the medical school curriculum and has a core third year clerkship and a variety of clinical and research third- and fourth-year electives that take place in UH and BHSB. The Department provides supervision and education in all four years of medical school training.

3) Psychology Internship Program

A psychology internship program is offered in collaboration with University Behavioral Healthcare.

4) Grand Rounds

Our visiting lecturer series runs from September through late May/early June. The series covers a wide variety of topics which are presented by experts from across the country as well as our own faculty.