Resident Wellbeing

Welcome to our Wellness webpage!!!

We at Rutgers NJMS Psychiatry Residency pride ourselves in being an extremely supportive training program. Residency can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in our life, but it comes with many challenges and personal sacrifices. Finding a balance between education, patient care responsibilities and personal life is difficult.  At our program, we make it a priority to help our residents find and live this balance through our unique wellness curriculum. 

Commitment to Diversity

Newark is host to a melting pot with representative identities from all over the world, across the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation, and our program celebrates this same diversity. New Jersey Medical School is proud to create safe spaces for residents and fellows to congregate and celebrate their unique identities.

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  • Serves as a resource and tight-knit safe space for all LGBTQIA-identified students, graduate students, residents, and fellows at NJMS.
  • social events, mixers, community outreach, educational and research activities, promoting a fun, vibrant, and safe community of acceptance.
  • Educate the broader NJMS community and ultimately improve healthcare equity for LGBTQIA+ patients.


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  • Mission to promote the advancement of underrepresented housestaff through community building, networking, and mentorship.
  • Monthly meetings
  • For more information regarding this initiative, please feel free to contact me via email at or Ms. Omayra Mercado, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice Dean, at (973) 972-5151 or via email at

Our wellness program is designed promote the wellbeing of our residents, and train them to become leaders in physician and occupational wellness. We cultivate a healthy and mindful approach to our residents' daily lives and make continuous improvements at both the individual and organizational levels in ways that accommodate the interests of residents. 
Specifically, our program offers:

  • Didactics designed to cultivate a mindful and wellbeing-based approach towards patient intervention 
  • Weekly wellness sessions built into the protected didactic time chaired by a member of the Resident Wellness Committee 
  • Frequent catered lunches (not just bagels and coffee!) with built in time to socialize 
  • Regular cohort meetings with the program director to address issues and effect longitudinal change for continuous improvements of the program 
  • Spring and winter residency retreats 

In addition, Rutgers NJMS offers:

  • GME sponsored events like watercolor painting and yoga sessions 
  • Monthly interdepartmental social activities 
  • Access to state-of-the-art athletic facilities like the Golden Dome Athletic Center 
  • Free unlimited counseling, substance use treatment, and pharmacotherapy from the Resident Wellness and Excellence Center 
  • 4 weeks of vacation and 4 personal days per year 
  • $600 per year of educational allowance which may be spent on items such as a tablet or smartwatch

For more information on GME sponsored activities please visit their website.



Fall Retreat 2021: Hiking the Essex County Faerie House Trail

Spring Retreat 2020: Virtual Group Photo

Some Examples of Wellbeing Enhancing Activities

Annual Spring retreat 2019

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Work can be fun too!
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Socializing after work keeps us all healthy and happy
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